All day breakfast


Big breakfast

Premium bacon, chorizo sausage, poached eggs, mushrooms, ragout, spinach, roast honey

pumpkin  & toasted sourdough 20


Eggs on Urquhart V GF

Sautéed  mushrooms & baby spinach, poached eggs & asparagus on a open field mushroom house made hollandaise 19


Eggs Royale

Smoked salmon, poached eggs, asparagus, house made hollandaise sauce 20


Avocado smash V

Sour dough toast, avocado, fetta, grilled cherry tomato, poached egg dukkah 17 Add bacon 3


Australian seared scallops

Seared Australian scallops, wilted spinach & poached eggs on sourdough topped with a lemon butter sauce 20


Locally made croissants

Streaky bacon, lettuce and tomato 10 / Ham, cheese & tomato 9 / Strawberry jam & butter 7


Roasted balsamic tomato

House made hummus, asparagus, greens & sourdough 15 Add bacon 3


Eggs in Hell GF

Grilled polenta tomato ragout, spicy chorizo, boccochini w poached eggs  18


Traditional crème fraiche scrambled

Streaky bacon & smashed avocado on artisanal toasted sourdough 16.9


Grilled polenta GF

Polenta w gorgonzola dolce and parsley cream sauce grilled mushrooms & bacon

17 Add Scallops 6


House made granola V GF

Banana & blueberries, honey  maple glazed walnuts, pepitas & chia seeds yoghurt & milk 16


Soft poached free range eggs

on artisanal toasted sourdough 12.9



Sides are to accompany a main meal only

Sides 4

smashed avocado, bacon, mushroom, ragout, roasted tomato, spinach, Asparagus, hollandaise, haloumi, hummus

Sides 6

chorizo, smoked salmon, Australian scallops






Beetroot & haloumi salad v

Raw beetroot, grilled haloumi, roasted pumpkin, spinach, mint & sunflower seeds w honey mustard vinaigrette 17


Thai beef or chicken salad   

Lettuce, purple cabbage, red onion, ribbons of carrot & cucumber, peanuts w an authentic thai dressing 17


Pumpkin salad  GF V

Lettuce, honey roasted pumpkin, pepitas, walnuts, fetta, avocado & tahini, yoghurt, lemon & garlic dressing  17 Add chicken breast 3



House made spicy bean mix, tasty cheese, spinach, onion & tomato W a side of sour cream,

chutney & jalapenos

vegetarian 15

Roast chicken breast or bacon 17


Spinach Wrap

Honey roasted pumpkin, red cabbage, avocado, feta, semi dried tomato, mayo and chutney 14


Grilled Reuben sandwich

Corned beef brisket, Swiss cheese, shaved pickles, hot English mustard & sauerkraut grilled in chunky sourdough 16


Pan pickled mushroom burger V

Portabella mushroom, grilled  haloumi, honey roasted pumpkin, kale aioli, avocado, lettuce & sriracha 16


Philly cheese steak roll

Scotch fillet strips, sauteed onion, mushrooms & provolone cheese 16


Banh Mi

Roasted chicken breast, cucumber and carrot ribbons,  onion, fresh chilli, zingy  dressing in a Vietnamese bun 14


Chicken sandwich

oven roasted chicken breast, feta, red cabbage, semi dried tomato, lettuce, onion & avo 10


Nachos GF  

house made spicy bean mix, toasted corn chips, topped with mozzarella, avocado, sour cream & jalapenos 18




All our dressings and sauces are house made, healthy & delicious